Sunday, February 5, 2012

Uh oh, he tries to write poems too?

Here is a poem that I wrote while I was in Haiti with a few a recent adjustments. If you like thanks. If you think it is weak sauce. It's OK. I know I am not a master poet. I just like to convey my thoughts and emotions trough rhyming words.

I'm at a lack of words for how much this hurts.
Keep trying so hard, but it only gets worse.
No time to think and barely time to blink.
Why's it this way? It's almost unbearable.
Give me some advice or throw it in a parable.
I won't sit back and I can't relax
It's time to face the facts.
Children are sick and dying
It's like we stopped trying.
Life's too short to watch from the outskirts.
Jump in and don't tell me how much it hurts.
You don't know about sleeping on cardboard
You're too busy complaining about junk you can't afford.
Believe me I care, even if I've never been there.
I want to help, but I've only got these two hands
Lord, show me what I can't do, you can.
Work in me then through me
Then, I'll be bearing fruit with big leaves.
This pain, it's not about me.
It's about you and your family.
Pain is pain and I know we'll all feel it, just never give up hope.
He's right here in our midst.

Eh, I don't like this that much, but I think it accurately describes how I feel.


  1. "Lord, show me what I can't do, you can."This stands out to me. I really like that. Great thoughts in all.