Sunday, November 28, 2010

One Year Aniversary

Ok, so I just was reminded that the day I am arriving in Haiti will mark the one year aniversary of the earthquake. January 12. This makes me really nervous. Either PAP is going to be really peaceful or insane. YIKES.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

This is real

Eeeks!! I just bought my tickets Thursday night. This is real now. I am going to be in Haiti for 105 days.

Being home was great. It was great to see my mother and all of my family for that matter. It is interesting how it is not very hard to deal with while I am at home, but the few days before and after can be a bit challenging for me.
The current question family members are asking me is a legit one, but I hate thinking about it. They ask, "What if something goes wrong with her operation?" I already have insurance on my tickets. If something happens, I am outta there. I will figure out a way to get home. She will most likely be having the tumor removal surgery February or March. I cannot worry about this stuff though. This does not mean I don't care. My mother is my best friend on this earth. What I mean is I cannot get caught up in what might happen. I am being called to go to Haiti.
"God knows." That is what a Haitian told me in April. Such a simple statement, but yet so true. Things might happen, but I have spent too much of my life worrying. I have God. I trust in him. My favorite verse relates to this: Check it out Romans 8:31.
So, I have only a short time left in Ashland. I will miss Northland, but it won't be long before I am back. I am planning on returning for the May term and then hopefully working in Ashland for the summer. Then, of course I will return for fall semester 2011 as a full-time student.
Oh, one more thing. Tonight I went to a concert. It was just a little acoustic guitar musician kind of concert. The musician was a guy that I kind of know, but I never knew him well. The concert was awesome! This guy is so super talented. I even had the opportunity to talk to him afterwards and catch up. It was a great way to end my weekend here at home. Now all I have to do is get my church on tomorrow.
I am calling the guy I know in Haiti very soon. Then I will have more information on what I will be doing there. The more organized I am for this, the better I feel.
Hope everyone's Thanksgiving was great!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Here I am. Send me.

Wow, it has been two months since I last wrote on here. That is a long time. I will try to write a lot more from now on. A lot has happened in the past 2 months. My mother has gone through 3 chemotherapy treatments, I am almost done with my Fall 2010 semester at Northland College, and I am going on a 3 month missions trip in January. OOFDAH!

First things first, my mother is doing well. She is tired all the time, but that is what chemo will do. It drains her, but she still works half days 3-5 days a week. I think she is crazy for still working that much, but it doesn't really surprise me because she has always been a workaholic. It was hard seeing her without hair when I came home a month ago, but the chemo has been working and the tumor has shrunk considerably. I am going home in 3 days and I cannot wait to see her and the rest of my family. It is really weird how once I am within a week of going home, I start to get very stressed out. I want to go home, but I know it will be tough.

This semester has been crazy. Classes are fairly tough, but most of that probably has to do with me being distracted constantly. I am 3 weeks away from finishing the semester off. My grades are not as good as they usually are, but I cannot do anything about the past. I need to buckle down now and finish this semester out strong.

Once this semester is over with I am going home for my 3-week Christmas break. In January, I will be leaving for Haiti. I am partnering up with my friend Shane Mattenley and Mercy League International. I will be in the Delmas region in PAP I believe. If you are wondering what that is about, you can check out his blog at I will be back on here soon with information as to what I will be doing down there. So far I know I will be doing two specific tasks. I will be working in a school for street kids and I will be helping out with a discipleship program Shane set up for young men. I will be there for 3 months. Jan 12th-April 26th are tentative dates. I should have my plane ticket bought sometime next week.
If you are interested in supporting me financially, you can write the check to me Sean Kavanagh and if you put Mercy League in the memo we can get you a receipt so that your donation will be tax-deductible.

The address to send it to would be
Sean Kavanagh
6450 Sauk Trail Road
Cedar Grove, WI 53013

For any questions call (920) 946-2494
or by email:

I understand that you may not have the money to help, but I am just asking you to consider. Money aside, I feel prayer is necessary. Please pray for my preparation and when I am there.

God is great people! It has been some chaotic weeks for me, but He has been with me every step of the way.

I'll be back on here real quick.

God Bless